Out of Darkness...into the light

A light breaks through a dirty pane of glass. It is dazzling in its brillance. The man walks out of the dark embracing this new found vision.

He cleans the window with the bottom of his shirt, letting the light shine through. It brightens the dark room and gives sight to the previously unseen. He goes down a passage, prevously unknown. He enters quivering and afraid for it is dark. He knows not what lies ahead for this is a journey never before undertook. He goes knowing it must be done, hoping it is right.

As he stumbles through the dark he finds purpose in inner thought. He knows this is good as the warmth once again warms his face. He realizes his eyes had always been closed, and opens them to reveal the light in all its illustriousness. Its source is near and he knows not what to feel. He sees images and apparitions of times past, and feels feelings of past pain, joy, sorrow, happiness, distress, achievement.

It came in a flood of immense proportions warning him of the task ahead and all the baggage he must bring. People lost and long forgotten, some whose memories are yet to fade, still lingering as strong as ever, even though they are of an age long ago.

He must look forward but take into account the past for these are the essence of his being. The journey is long and time passes all too slow but he believes this journey to be a quest for something higher.

"Out of the darkness
Into The Light"

He feels exposed and attempts to cover up but cannot. The time for hiding is no longer. A higher purpose is found. The light comes near...It is close. All emotion fades and there is nothing but time and space...And the new light.

What to do?
How to feel?
Where to go from here?
"Out of the darkness...Into The Light"

Joel Solish
© 1997

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