Tears From the Soul

The anxiousness torments the soul,
Always searching for something to fill the hole.
Never finding a degree of peace for the mind.
Knowing that contentment is impossible to find.

To love without pain can only be vague.
The pain courses the heart as a powerful plague.
Grief and hope, two extremes of emotion.
Emotions to be merged by anothers devotion.

Feeling only sorry for the one called self.
Putting ones life on the proverbial shelf.
Closing the mind, blinding of the eyes.
Feeling the pain, a piece of the heart dies.

Hopeful thoughts now become few.
If only the life could be started anew.
Solace is not found in the haunting regrets.
Longing for the return of the past's silhouettes.
:: Paul Curtis
Arkansas, USA

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