The Truth

The Truth in the Mirror

The person in the mirror
it couldn't be any clearer
is most reprehensible
and the one responsible
for seeing her perceptions
and his false conceptions
in thinking that this life
is too much full of strife
and really kind of rotten
and meant to be forgotten
and while i sit there staring
at the person who is glaring
you muse with your double
and blame God for your trouble;
we think of Him as blameful
which is really kind of shameful
for the strength of his power
is that in our defining hour
we will see what is revealed
and see what we've concealed
which leads you to what's true
and helps me re-construe,
and once we know what's there
you too, can share,
for the truth won't get any nearer
that the person in the mirror.

Doug Crandall
© 1997

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