God's Picked Angel
Our beautiful baby, I carried and birthed
God gently reached out, took her from earth
I believe there are reasons, why this happened
If I knew exactly, I wouldn't be saddened
I'll look deep within, to understand why
I'll be strong when I can, know I can cry
I'll feel honored, she chose to live in me
For greater purpose, than I can see
Knowing her well, as her mother
God picked her to be, his little helper
I'll picture her sending, healing and love
To all God's children, who pray above
Given reward, for a job well done
She'll ride a unicorn pony, just for fun
Arch Angel Gabriel, will tuck her in
Christ will kiss, her wee small chin
Pure love essence, our daughter lives
A place wanting nothing, only to give
We'll feel her presence, live through us
Where she is, there is faith and trust
:: Lori D. Carson
Manitoba, Canada

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