Stuff That Matters

Welcome my friend, to my home come inside
I want to share, my wealth with pride
Warm is the feeling, like a cozy blanket
Relax, enjoy, I'm sure you'll like it
Love emulates, throughout my place
Let's share a laugh, and some cake
Worries disappear, only comfort you'll find
Would you like tea, perhaps wine
It's not my style, to impress neighbors
My home symbolizes, everything I'm made of
Peace and love, align these surroundings
Memories, honest people, and good tidings
What I want in my home, money can't buy
Free of such things, I can't take when I die
A house is temporary, to live for a while
I can't take brick, or even tile
I can go home, in this life and the after
And take with me, the stuff that matters
:: Lori D. Carson
Manitoba, Canada

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