Forever in Time

My journey has paved, some cutting curves
I've looked deep within, to heal the hurt
I've asked for hills, not mountains to climb
I'll learn the lessons, one at a time
The older I get, crisis keep coming
I suddenly feel, more like running
To go the distance, of peace of mind
Feels so far away, in that land of time
Where did I go, I don't like this place
I want to go back, to that special space
I loved who I was, and what I became
Now I'm changed, not at all the same
I realize God, you know what's best
My spirit evolves, with each test
Please slow down, I ask of thee
If this is a process, it's time I need
Let's go together, to that place we know
Where time stood still, we built our home
We'll take baby steps, not run or climb
To peace and tranquility, forever in time

:: Lori D. Carson
Manitoba, Canada

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