A Mother's Prayer

Dear God hear my prayer, I can no longer bear
I need some help, from you over here
Believe me God, I'm really trying
My patience and love, can't stop the crying

He's fed and changed, not sick with the flu
Still I don't, know what to do
Playing and holding him, isn't enough
Why being a mother, has to be so tough

All I want, is to enjoy my baby
To stay in the moment, without going crazy
Years pass so quickly, I don't want to look back
Reflecting on misery, I couldn't stand that

It's not his fault, he's hurting somewhere
If my baby could talk, I'd be more aware
I get angry at myself, not at him
All I want and wish for, is his smile again

Please grant me the wisdom, even a sign
To tell me what's wrong, with this baby of mine
You know I love him, and will do anything
I promise I'll be open, to anything you bring

They say you don't give, more than we can manage
Reality is, mothers' have a disadvantage
Help us Dear God, I pray to you
For all mothers' who love, their babies so true

I believe you know, just what we need
We're both your children, part of your being
Send us your healing, and take away
Discomfort and pain, so we can play all day

:: Lori Carson
Manitoba, Canada

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