Memories of my childhood, stand crystal clear
When you rubbed my head, I felt so secure
Thousand "I love yous" were never enough
Words you spoke, when the going got tough
Many kisses were given, unconditionally
You'll never know, what that meant to me

Outstanding support and guidance so kind
Through my teenage years, this comes to mind
Never a dull moment, in those difficult years
But you always and forever, called me dear
I don't know, how you managed it all
I'm grateful to you, for preventing a fall

Together we journeyed, in life as one
I reflect on the times, we had so much fun
Shopping and tea parties, with friends of mine
We sat and talked, for hours at a time
A key to your house, I always had
To come day or night, when I felt sad

Heaven brought me to earth, in your care
Mother, you've done your job by this I swear
You gave me the confidence, to believe in myself
To love who I am, the greatest teaching of wealth
You taught me independence, to walk on my own
Your child is now a woman, complete and grown

Everlasting we are, and will forever remain
Mother and daughter evolving, in life's fragile game
We've had our share, of difficult situations
God put this before us, with all good intentions
We can only grow stronger, through this I believe
Our relationship then heals, look deeper and see

Respect to you Mom, you've earned your place
In my heart your reserved, in a huge loving space
Your daughter loves you, and can never be bought
Having a mother like you, can never be taught
Be proud of yourself, and always remember
Your success in life is, this legacy so tender

:: Lori Carson
Manitoba, Canada

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