The Callow Heart

Deep in the heart of everyone you know
Lies a candle of wax
Burning fervent at its glow.
The heart, it hopes and dreams
And aspires to things known only to a few.
While the candle, it thrives with a glowing hue.

The heart, it loves and longs to be loved
By that special someone--
The person who finds their way into your soul
A longing that no one else can console.
While the candle, it burns ever stronger,
Yet closed to the person for a reason untold.

Melting Candle But there comes a time in everyone's life when
The heart, callow and soft, is broken,
And the candle, it has died and melted hard.
The loneliness it knows cannot be known,
Except by that special someone--
The one who shares the same feelings as you.
And the heart, it opens its door.
Your deepest feelings, thoughts, and dreams are shared,
And the wicker of the candle, it ignites once again,
Filling everlasting joy and hope into
Your callow heart.

Justin Carroll
© 1997

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