Somewhere in the distance,
Iíll reach out to take the hand
of this man I met by chance,
or perhaps, as God had planned.

Somewhere in our future,
weíll find this dream come true,
for now, I am secure
in the love I hold for you.

Somewhere in my past,
I must have done something good,
to find a love to last,
when I thought I never would.

Somewhere in my heart,
I dreamed of love someday,
your love gave me the start,
and helped me find my way.

Somewhere up above,
Jesus heard my lonely cry,
and sent to me your love,
though Iíll never know why.

Somewhere here below,
you answered that request,
why, Iíll never know,
but I know I have been blessed.

Somewhere in my soul,
I found a way to believe,
that life would be made whole
in the love I would receive.

Somewhere, some lonely night,
life got better for you and me,
we must have done something right,
or this love would never be.

Rebecca N. Caldwell
© 1998

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