Does the butterfly remember the catapillar?
Does it remember what it was like to not fly free?
Does it understand it's the same....only different?
Is it a lot like you and me?

It came from a different world
where things were not the same
Is it scared and worried
and wondering who to blame

Does it remember crawling up a tree
Does it remember it's cocoon
Does it remember it's previous life
was it simular to us in the womb

Are we like that butterfly
waking up...suddenly free
If we understood what had happened
Would it be different for you and me

I believe the butterfly doesn't really care
He just enjoys his new life..
He doesn't wake up scared
And doesn't know about strife

We need to be like that butterfly
Each and every day
And stop our wondering and worrying
And find our own way

Life is but a short visit
And we're wasting it...you and me
If we're more like that butterfly
We can certainly be free

Author Unknown
© 1997

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