I miss you more than words can say,
and the feeling gets stronger day by day.
I thought I'd always be able to see you,
but now I know that's not true.
I loved you more than anyone I know,
oh, Grandpa, why did you have to go?
Every once in a while I'll start to cry,
and just want to curl up and die.
I never knew how much you cared,
because your feelings were never shared.
I guess towards the end I didn't share my feelings much,
you can say we just lost touch.
I took advantage of what I had,
when I think about it I get so sad.
I remember when I found out you died,
and I remember how much I cried.
I now know the reason I wanted to die,
is because I never got to say, "I love you and goodbye."

Rachel Bryson
age 13

Dedicated to the memory of Thomas McReynolds
April 20, 1923-March 8, 1998

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