Seasons of the Heart

The sun shines brightly on this place
And warms my heart as well
For summer brought you to my world
Our story - seasons tell

The splendor of the summer fades
Gives way to autumn hues
The seasons changed, too, in my heart
I fell in love with you

I look back fondly at the sun
Iíll miss its golden charms
But look toward spending winter in
Your warm and tender arms

I love the tranquil snowy nights
A silence - pure and true
The quiet comfort winter brings
The peace I found in you

The sun soon warms the earth once more
And spring inspires again
The efflorescence of my joy
And love for you, my friend

As with the seasons of the heart
Each wonderful and new
The beauty that surrounds us is
Enhanced by loving you

Katie Bradac
© 1998

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