Time has many meanings,
in our world today,
many definitions and directions,
it's but two hands on display.

Their movements are exact,
so predictable to see,
something appearing so innocent,
enslaves both you and me.

I feel that time is smiling,
as we rush from place to place,
trying to beat the deadlines,
we see life as a race.

This race is one that we can't win,
though our efforts seem our best,
trying so hard to prioritize life,
still leaves us feeling stressed.

It's often viewed as being unfair,
not being on our side,
we wish for time to go slowly,
which seems to quicken the ride.

It is vital for us to change our views,
seeing time in a different way,
a measurement of life in this dimension,
measuring the illusion of today.

Time is but the gate keeper,
holding the master key,
the key to open the dimensional door,
the key which sets us free.

In this world and on this plane,
we long to live the past,
we dream of the future for what it holds,
fearing it as it approaches fast.

We are so caught up in the past and future,
no one seems to know,
what matters is the here and now,
this helps our spirit to grow.

Living life here in the moment,
time here loses hold,
it's here our lives will make a difference,
making life more precious than gold.

The past does serve a purpose,
it allows us all to learn,
from our mistakes and poor choices,
giving us knowledge to discern.

How in our life we relate to time,
will form our reality,
choosing the path of the past and future,
prevents life as it was meant to be.

If we choose the here and now,
new heights our lives will soar,
for WE now hold the master key,
the key to the demensional door.
:: Larry D. Bowlsby
Springfield, OR, USA

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