You Stood By Me
I don't understand how you could love me,
Or see me as the friend you do.
Especially after all of the things,
That I once put you through.
I called you repulsive names,
And I even made you cry.
But today you’re my best friend,
And often times I wonder why.
We tested friendship to the limit,
Put it through everything we possibly could.
But through the clouds of horror,
By my side you always stood.
I took you for granted;
I didn't see what you could be.
But still...
There you stood by me.
I'm just so glad it wasn't too late,
To pursue the friendship we hold.
I know we'll always be friends,
As best friends we'll grow old.
I'm so glad I was finally able,
To open my eyes and see.
And I'm even more glad,
That you always stood by me.
:: Stephanie Borelli
Pennsylvania, USA


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