truth is only what you want it to be
the only things you choose to see
it's never definite or all quite there
it's only what you wish to share
truth is different from every view
no matter what it is you've gone through
the truth about truth is it's not even real
it's just what people want to feel
you wish you'd never made that mistake
it was one you hoped you'd never make
but in life you learn as you fall
that things aren't what they seem at all
lies concealed but forever known
opportunties you wish you hadn't blown
sometimes things only come around once
and leave you feeling like a dunce
you'd give your all to go back in time
if only you had a chance to rewind
the things you'd fix and hearts you'd mend
but then i guess life could never end
so the truth is altered without a second thought
and reality escapes as this new truth is bought
oh how the life revolves around lies
people so fake.. all in disguise
the truth is nothing is true and never has been
truth is made in hopes that you might win...
:: Lauren Elizabeth Beaty

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