Eva's Dawn
Eva is the glowing sun,
And i am the silent moon;
She is shining all day long,
Whilst all night i illumine;
At dawn Eva’s smile is breaking the night,
Thus all the stars and riddles disappear.
The universe is ours; tonight we are the ancient lovers,
Rambling through the valley of wonderment,
Whispering tender thoughts like branches.
Eva sighs, her heart is mellow, i kiss her palm,
The fields are blue beneath the moon,
And green under the sun. Eva touched the soothing sky,
Her hair consumed me to the gold,
I kissed her by the tree of life,
Here comes the night once more,
We hold hands and rise towards the silver.
The ancient lovers enter the secret garden,
Now Eva is tempting me by the tree of knowledge.
Her lips irresistible, i kissed her.
Then the night was forever gone,
And we were thrown
Into another dawn.
Eva is the burning sun,
And i am the freezing moon.
:: Stephen Attia

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