Just Theirs

Once upon a time on a little small screen
There appeared a couple whose faces were unseen
They typed in their voices no sounds to be heard
Just normal conversation without hearing a word
He delighted her by his outgoing nature
She thought to herself "he's a splendid creature"
It took only minutes of this silent exchange
And all of the sudden she felt kind of strange
He beckoned a feeling that excited her spirit
The butterflies took flight in that very minute
They knew they were having so much fun
Yet had no idea what was later to come
They teasingly played and knew it must end
So they vowed that they would always be friends
He made a little subtle imply
That maybe he could drop on by
She didnít think twice for this must be fate
And the next thing you know they were on a date
What fun they did have just walking around
All smiles and laughter not a frown to be found
Their time was short and their feelings strong
A wonderful memory just theirs to belong
They made a simple parting gesture
That left them with the feeling of pleasure
The story continues for they do keep in touch
For they know somehow that it means so much
He gives her the news one-day on the line
That he must go and leave her behind
She hurts for she is selfish and wants him near
So quietly she sheds a few solemn tears
She asks him if he could make one last trip
To embrace him again and kiss his sweet lips
He gives her the answer and the date is set
They know in their hearts they will never forget
Another brief meeting that was special for sure
The longing they felt was a lot to endure
They spoke several words as quiet as a prayer
Penetrating their souls layer by layer
The time had come for he had to go
The sadness they felt was beginning to show
They exchanged their first kiss
ironically their last
It was filled with such passion
and went by too fast
They gazed into each otherís eyes
Knowing somehow they couldnít disguise
For the feeling they shared
was just theirs to behold
Never to be bought Never to be sold
They parted and smiled then went their own way
Both of them knowing they wanted to stay
The ending now has come to pass
Their friendship has continued to last
And once again they sit at a little screen
Exchanging their thoughts and sharing their dreams
Content in knowing that what they share
is just theirs
And sometimes happiness brings about a few tears
:: Liz Argetsinger

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