Remember When...

Remember when we saw forever in our eyes
and a love so pure as virgin snow.
Remember when we spoke of our lovely dreams
and the world was ours to laugh and play in.
Remember when we fell asleep side by side
and felt our love with goodnight embraces.

Now you find comfort in the midnight hour
with unseen friends that are simple than real.
Now my silent cries bounces from the empty sheets
soaked with tears that fell from my burning eyes.
Now the light flickers as the candle burns away
with certainty to leave coldness in my body.

When did we start drowning in our pain
of misunderstanding and frustration?
When did we fall apart at the seams
sewn with love, trust and devotion?
It matters not since forever is gone in our eyes
but memories still cling on until they melt away...

© 2000

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