He tucks his love in bed to slip away to flirt.
He passes time with his new affair of midnight chats
where lives are chained to the 17 inch screen
while the rest of the world works for their dreams.

He is blinded by so many illusions
and denies his love the basic necessities.
He escapes to another emptiness
and returns silently to his spiritless love.

Hours later his love awakes alone at the crack of dawn
for an empty day of providing the comforts of home.
She wanted to scream this suicidal pain away
but instead buries herself with work of the day.

Words alone could never deter his addiction
since he defends his actions with justification.
Then those illusions became a reality
as she recalls that woman's voice on the line.

Too many half truths and too many broken promises...
Too many fights and too many sleepless nights...
He owed her his world and nothing to strangers
yet they became everything and she became nothing.

He made his choice for a better illusion where
strangers became friends and lovers became strangers.
She made her choice for a better reality where
friends became friends and inner peace was found.

"If you love me, you will let me do as I please"
then she replies, "If you love me, release your illusions and me"

© 2001

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