I felt such pain from so far away
When our big brother U.S. was hit that day
There was nothing that I could do nor say
But sit tight down under with hope, as I pray
Tall buildings crashed; there was fire, and blood
As I watched with horror many tears of mine flood
Your country so peaceful, deserve this you don't
Peace will stay with you and terrorism won't!
Such a cruel viscous act as our world takes a breath
While those Suicide Bombers plunge planes to their death
Your people all run, and scream as they call
In a puff of black smoke those tall buildings just fall
Families torn, while children all cry
As I look up to God and ask him oh why?
The innocent people and loss of life
One's dear husband, anotherís loved wife
There you still stand tall like Australia's Ayres Rock
While you rally together, and get over that shock
Hey I know you won't falter, as I know you are strong
I know our big brother will seek out that wrong
Like statue of Liberty you will stand tall
Together we stand, all for one, one for all
This terror won't cause our brother to fall!
:: Alyson Leithhead

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