Letting Go

You can only become so close to someone
before you don't know them at all.
You can only catch them so many times
before you let them fall.
You can tell so much to them,
and, as hard as they're listening,
they can't hear what you're saying
And now you've become too familiar
with all the games they've been playing.

He can't take back all the hurting words
he's ever spoken
and you can't fix all the promises
he's ever broken.
You can't sit and wait for him
to fall in love with you, as you are with him.
No matter how much you give
you're not going to win.

Sooner or later you have to stop trying
so you're not always the one left crying
or not the one who gets the courage
to finally say three words
you've always wanted to say.
Open your eyes and watch him walk away
he's not worthy of you at all...
he never was.

You're gonna realize, too late, that
he wasn't ever, or is never going to be your fate.
So, no matter how many people tell you
"holding on" makes you stronger-
Letting go is usually the thing
that makes you last a little longer...
:: Jessica Adorno

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