Angelwing's SMILES4U - Poetry Corner: A Maiden in Distress by Larry Keiter
A Maiden in Distress

In the tiny kingdom of Falstaff, upon a throne of gold
Sat a weeping king, sobbing, crying, a sight to behold
His lovely daughter the fair Mirabelle taken by a dragon
Stolen as she slept, and he drank Elven ale from his flagon

His wizard lay powerless, a spell of binding holding him
The wisemen had no answers, the situation growing dim
A call went out, heralding a champion, a hero so brave
Lo, not a knight came forth, all afraid of an early grave

Yet one day through the castle gate a ragged knight rode
Shield dull, armor a mess, a knight who lived by the code
He came because, you see, he was in love with the princess
Before the king he knelt, the bishop there to pray and bless

Off to the lands far, far away, he rode upon his trusty steed
His jaw was set, he cared not about the danger of this deed
The princess was gone, though he knew not exactly where
Instinct born of experience led him right to the dragon lair

The proud and haughty dragon laughed to see such sport
He'd make a quick meal of this knight, a battle very short
Surprised that the champion stood his ground, had no fear
The dragon roared forth his challenge to the young cavalier

The knight pulled forth a sword of might, Dragonbane by name
Glowing with magic, and the dragon knew this was not a game
Fire roared forth from the creature's mouth, engulfing the knight
Gloating with pride the dragon drew first blood in this bitter fight

Stumbling back from the intense burning flame, his soul on fire
The young knight stood slowly, his sword glowing like sapphire
And cleaved the mighty dragon a blow that drew a painful yell
Slowly they circled, each bent on sending the other to hell

Hour upon bloody hour, the two champions fought with no give
Knight barely alive, the dragon no better, both wanting to live
They traded blows until at last, with a final desperate thrust
He pierced the dragon's dark heart, he had done what he must

Clutching her champion to her breast, she held him that night
His breathing ragged, his life but a spark from that bloody fight
With morning's first light, his eyes opened, a smile shone within
Her lips touched his, and sweet healing breath passed to him

The kingdom of Falstaff, with the castle sitting on a high hill
Rings with laughter and cheer, as children's voices shrill
Knight and princess, now husband and wife, steal a kiss
Both thankful that I could end this long poem like this.

Larry Keiter

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