MY EARTHLY ANGEL You came into my life one day,
And touched my heart with your special way;
When and where I can't remember,
But I knew that moment we'd be friends forever.
From a childhood filled with abuse and rejection,
You've become a woman full of love and affection;
Your smile is like a rainbow, beautiful to behold,
Your arms are always open, everyone to enfold.
You are kind and caring and thoughtful, too,
Friendliness is just second nature to you;
You can walk into a room on the coldest days,
And like magic, it's warmed as if by the suns' rays.
We can converse without talking,
Connect without touching;
We can shed tears about something,
And laugh about nothing.
You are starlight and sunshine,
A friend I'm honored to call mine;
You're MY EARTHLY ANGEL sent from above,
For you my heart will always be filled with love.
:: Sandi McCarthy
August 13, 2000

designed by Ruth Hong

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