Poetry Winner

She Walked Away

    She walked away saying "I will see you
    on the other side of morning." leaving
    me staring at the stars, wondering
    why time has no meaning in the world of dreams.

    as i sat and stared at the stars,
    i wondered if i should let her go and
    discover the troubles for herself
    with nothing, but a memory
    of me sitting here staring,
    and waiting for the wind
    to pick me up and carry
    me into the world for a new
    place where time has no meaning in
    my world, of dreams.

    after a while of sitting here
    i stood up and chased after her,
    wondering why? then i remembered
    i did not want her to stumble,
    when she found the troubles.
    but when i found her, i only showed
    her enough of the troubles to leave her,
    then when i felt a slight breeze,
    as the winds changed, i tried to fly
    away, but i always tried to hold onto her.

    i have a blank stare across my mind
    wondering if i should go or if i should stay.
    i sat and thought until my thoughts clouded my
    mind, i stared into the night, and time had no
    meaning at that point for people dreaming,
    of days gone bye.

    N Beau Wright
    © 1996