Poetry Winner

Last night I took a midnight stroll,
to put my mind at ease.
I snuck out the back towards the creek,
and felt the midnight breeze.
The air smelled of meadow flowers
filling my senses with their refreshing powers,
the air so fresh on this night
I could look up and see the stars shine bright.

The stream passed by quickly flowing,
over rocks and waterfalls.
White water whispering silently,
its secrets from the shoals.
Hypnotically tranced I felt gay
as my heavy burden went away,
Nature soothed my sickly soul
from mans pollution foul.

Mystical waterfalls
And across the stream I saw a sight,
A woman dancing in the cold moon light,
I tried to turn with all my might,
For her blinding beauty was so bright.
I stood there dumb my jaw agape,
as I stared at her perfection.
No flaw could I foresee,
upon closer inspection.

Her raven hair black as night
as her eyes shone like diamonds bright
Her lips were full and lush,
Her cheek was soft as silk
Her tan skin had no ilk
Delicate fingers grasped her veils,
Her feet dancing sensually
I have never seen anyone of her beauty

So I stood their affixed,
my feet cemented to the ground.
Her beauty moved me so,
that I pronounced my love unbound.
But she only laughed merrily
and winked at me enticingly,
She kept her dance to perfection
and paid me no more attention.

Suddenly she changed her dance,
more sensuous and inviting.
And once again I did profess,
my feelings unbeguiling.
'I love thee if thou dost not know
and anything I would do to show,
and prove to you my love untold
I would die to have you in my arms to hold.'

But again she laughed with mirth,
and gave me a sly smile.
I did not know what to do,
and yet again she changed her style.
Slower she danced and more erotic
And my honor almost falter no matter how stoic,
So much I yearned to have her there
And once again I took the dare.

'Lady I love thee truly,
and please I beg of thee;
answer my most deep desire,
do not turn your back on me.'
But my plea fell on death ears
as she answered my gravest fears,
and disappeared into the night
crashing my love from its soaring height.

And still I have her image in my mind,
as I feel for my love unknown.
at times I cry myself to sleep,
for the love she had for me unfound.
But I understand (I do confess),
for man can never wed a goddess.
And the only thing that I do miss,
Is that she left me without a kiss.

Arturo Vera-Felicie
California, USA
© 1998


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She left me without a kiss