Poetry Contest Winner
Rainbow Line

looking to the future
i think about the past
about the people in my life
and the relationships that last
those few who remain
inside my delicate heart
the ones who seem so close
no matter how far apart
then i think about the others
who's faces i've forgot
the ones who promised to keep in touch
but in the end they have not
i think about the ones
who hurt me deep inside
thinking of all the reasons
i've ever had to cry
lastly i think about you
and what may come of this
knowing how i love you
and how sweet it is, your kiss
unsure of whats to come
and i've already lost so much
not knowing if i could live
without your tender touch
you have become my world
my only light in the dark
upon my worthless life
you've made a precious mark
i'm not afraid of death
it's the inevitable, so true
the only thing i'm scared of
is facing this world without you

--Vincent Tsai
vander2708@aol.com, California


©Copyright 1997

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