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by Devananda Lila of Florida

Hail, the morning that holds eternity
Hail, to the light that burns us anew
Hail, to the beauty that grips us all
Hail, to the wrinkle in which we fall

Dancing probabilities and electrical decisions
Om, to the Creator that creates these impressions
God and Goddess of firey thought
Manifesting what we have been taught

Transcend the minds eye
While we learn how to die
Hail, to you and to me
Hail, to us as infinity
Hail, to the work that sets us free
Hail, to the ego that lets you be.

With thine eyes we see
The perfection you weave
With thine heart we understand
the passion you demand
With thine belly we feel
all that is real
Through thine soul we become whole

Laughter and joy pervade the saved
and Wisdom paves the way
To a morning that leads none astray
and turns you inward without delay

With thine eye we turn inside
To greet the day in a grateful way
and recognize the play that leads us on our way
All this in the morning bright
Imagine the night

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