An Ode to SPRING

Spring has really come at last
The floods are going down
Skeins of geese are flying past
And tourists come to town


At last we can run free and wild
And gambol in the park
Play in the grass just like a child
From daybreak until dark


But a word of warning to those who
Would run so wild and free
Keep your eyes upon the ground
And look round every tree


For half a year have gathered there
Underneath the snow
All kinds of nasty messy things
You rather would not know

First the dogs have come to troop
All winter, every day
And when they stopped and had to poop
Their owners turned away

And in some secluded spots
Favourites for a tryst
The passing of the snow has left
Things which can't be missed

The ground is littered far and near
With signs of sexual passion
Little latex safety sleeves thrown
Round in random fashion

I do hope that the doggyteers
And back-seat sex relations
Enjoyed their winter walkies
And car-bound fornications

'Cause now I have to watch my step
And hop from spot to spot
Just in case that I might land
On things I'd rather not

Theo McTavish