Poetry Contest Winner
Rainbow Line

i could paint you a rainbow
if you gave me the sky.
but somewhere i lost it
i'm just not sure how or why.
you promised the heavens
and the night's shining glow
precious love everlasting--
but how could i know?
the darkness is lonely
it's blackness so deep.
it's the darkness that haunts me
never allowing for sleep.
i wish for the daylight.
i pray for the dawn.
i wait for the answer
but it goes on and on.
hidden in the shadows
sequestered in fear
i wait for the daylight
i just want you here.
i want to paint rainbows
if i could just find the sky.
is it all an illusion
or just life passing by?

--Shelley Joy Tellez
Mesa, Arizona


©Copyright 1997

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