Poetry Winner


I am the Pleasure and Pain of these years
You'll find me wherever men seek out their peers
My winter is cold and my summer is warm
Yet most people feel that they live when I storm

I am the Chaos and War of this world
My seasons are one as the outcome I twirl
My mirror is where pools of destiny whirl
Let Fear come alive and Armageddon unfurl

I am the season of Love and of Hate
My extremes are the worst any man could create
There is no end to the things done in my name
The way men abuse me turns Honor to Shame

I am the Pride and the Joy of this time
Misunderstood by the rest of this rhyme
They tend to believe that the skies above heed me
Instead it is deep in their souls that they need me

I am the Darkness and Want in your life
My best friends are known as Compassion and Strife
Revolving through Greed is the clockwork of Grief
Only surpassed in the end by Belief

I am All Gods and the Onslaught of Madness
Belief is the fuel, Disagreement awareness
My henchmen, Crusade, Fanatic, and Tension
Bow to my Queen as they hail good Intention

I am the Truth and the Peace of this world
My coin has two flip sides and that's what I'm worth
I gang up with Honesty, Control, and Respect
To keep Right from losing and this Poet erect

© 1997


Image created by Luis Royo