A gentle breeze blows through the air,
You open your eyes, but I'm not there.
Was this a dream, or was it real,
No words can explain the way you feel.
The sun gives way to the dark of night,
In the sky the stars are shining bright.
Searching out the brightest twinkle,
Angel dust is what she sprinkled.
The magic of the night moves in,
In this friendship we both win.
The prize is ours, alone to share,
You close your eyes and I am there.
You keep them closed a while longer,
In hopes your feelings will get stronger.
Like an Angel floating through the air,
We may not speak, but I'm always there.
You may wonder how I know all this,
As I send you a big hug and a kiss.
My heart knows these feelings too,
Late at night, I close my eyes to be with you.

Forever and ever,
~ Angel.
1998 Andrew Miller

Poetry Winner