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by "Forever Sleepless"

I watched a giant maple tree
as summer turned to fall
and thought how leaves upon that tree
were mirrors of us all
in summer time when days were warm
and sunshine filled the air
we proudly showed our grand display
to all whoíd stop and stare

As days gave to us all we need
and nights were gentle too
the comfort felt while on the limb
refreshed and made us new
but summer quick fades away
and nights begin to chill
and like the leaves upon that tree
sometimes we miss the thrill

too full of self to think that there
were other days to come
our youthfulness did pass too fast
just like the setting sun
and leaves began to lose their green
and some turned red and brown
and others gently just let go
and floated to the ground

I know that we are still a part
of seasons come and gone
but oh, to be that lonely leaf
who lingers on and on
The others simply lose their grip
and drift down to the earth
but Iím not like the other leaves
I cling for all Iím worth

and knowing that itís all a part
of natureís grandiose plan
still doesnít help me to let go
I do not understand
if there was any way that I
could stay just one more day
Iíd show a smile upon my face
before Iíd blow away

the pile of friends upon the ground
grows higher every day
my turn is near, before I go
I wanted just to say
I love you still, I need you still
my heart is torn in two
I could not bear to just let go
and not say this to you

my heart is free, Iíve said the words
Iíve waited long to say
forever you will be my love
though this may be the day
my tree of life may lose its grip
and I will flutter down
donít cry for me, Iíve lived a love
that very few have found

you gave to me a life of joy
though days were numbered few
and if I lived another life
Iíd live again for you
so as the warmth returns again
and new leaves start to grow
youíll find that you can love again
I loved you; now you know.


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