poetry winner

I am the darkness which will always remain
who follows your footsteps and whispers your name
I linger behind you, a reminder, a refrain
who sings you sweet nothings and plays all your games
I move with your gestures and mirror your soul
I am your grey side, the blackness, the coal
I live without substance and burn without fire
I am your truth, your mimic and liar
you know I'm there with you, your coldness and sin
I echo your image and haunt you within
I chase without running, I follow your lead
I'm always behind you,
I'm the dark side you bleed
I stretch out before you when your heart starts to beat
I'm your nemesis, your companion whom you'll never defeat
I'm not going to leave you, you're mine 'till you die
I'm your nothing, your everything, a flicker, a sigh
you are my threshold, you are my tie
and yet you avoid looking me straight in the eye
so run if you will, but I'll always be near
I'll follow you always
your echo, your darkness
the shadow, your fear

- Amy Julia Vallis
1998 Andrew Miller


(Note: the picture contained in the left lens of the sunglasses image above is of Jenna, created by Jenna.