poetry winner

Lonely Cries

In your heart I just can't see
How in one place a love could be
A love you gave so strong and sweet
And like a wave, swept me off my feet
You made me promise I would believe
In a love no one, not you, could conceive
And then with pleasure I came to accept
Every word you spoke and then I wept
And when in the dark, on my own
You let me feel I'm not alone
You gave me peace and, in a word
Satisfaction, but no one heard
The tales of fear or silent cries
When like the devil, you whispered lies
Now in my heart I feel so cold
And in my mind, this nightmare's retold
For this little girl, am I now old?
And as I lie here I visualise
Every gory detail of this demise
A violation without disguise
Yet no one responds to these lonely cries

- Rebecca Sapp


Designed by Angelwing
Background by Marie