"Christmas Imposition"
Benedict Pallone

He was loud and he was jolly, in his hair a bit of holly,
He was tall and very round and he made a funny sound.
He was scary dressed in red, and he'd a cap upon his head,
And he'd Ho! Ho! Ho! For what reason I do not know.
There were all these little guys, the kind that I despise,
And my mommy pushed me at him, and I wanted so to run.
But she picked me up and plopped me on his knee (It wasn't fun.)
His beard was white and flowing. I said, 'I must get going.'
And he fixed his eye upon me. I thought that I would die,
So I started with a whimper and then began to cry.
He sympathized right with me and I saw he wasn't bad.
His suit was really velvet, it was hard to stay real mad
At my mom who kinda left me, for an hour like it seemed.
Yet I smiled for the camera and my mom she really beamed.
It was just for a photo, all this hoopla and this fuss,
I was sorry for the outburst and the words I kinda cussed.
Then he gave me a sucker, and a pat upon the head,
And just before I left him, there was something that he said.
'... Must be a Christmas baby! He's so tiny and so cute!'
"I gurgled right back at him. 'Take that back you big galoot!'

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