poetry winner
Beautiful Evening

Star's light, lying here tonight
with us, the moon smiling at us;
let the darkness grow and become
like a light in a our souls-
though forever is not enough
one moment is all we need
of time, of life, but think not now
on these things that would bring us down.
Let us smile and kiss and hold-
it's a beautiful evening
because you're with me.

Clouds roll like formless juggernauts
darkened, conquering their airy domain.
Vast as life, now pouring from on high,
to so overcome this, our earthly plane.
But for all the roars of cannon strikes,
in each other we can never be hurt.
Winds clash shutters `gainst the walls;
thunder disrupts the nighthawks calls;
from the tree... a leaf silently falls!;
but we together are more than all
this and less than tomorrow we'll be.
Love, this second is all that I need-
it's a beautiful evening
because you're with me.

Fill the cold night air with warmth of truest passion;
melt the snow; thaw the ice; feel the sensation
of newborn love, mystical and timeless,
while purity reigns the world
and so after this, our love we'll fashion
in cold certainty our heat will fire our souls.
The morrow will find that we are blameless
and happy thoughts will be our elation.
Ah, Beautiful One, you make the twinkling stars envy,
the wind, the night, the air, the nature of it all,
is jealous of what you have created with ease.
It's a beautiful evening
because you're with me.

- Josh Rutherford

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