Wild River

Wild river, flowing where she wants to flow,
Going where she wants to go across the plain.
Overflowing, when the thunder storm goes by,
And the dark clouds cry their tears of rain.

Wild river, and her raging rapids roar,
Rushing more and more and time flies by.
Wild beauty, she becomes the waterfall,
Excites a sense of awe in all that dare come nigh.

Pool of emeralds, here her fury starts to fade,
It's the place her dreams are made reality.
With the echo, she lies basking in the sun,
Remembering how she used to run so fast and free.

As a stream, she slips out of the pool,
Meanders clear and cool and makes her way,
Through the forest, bubbling, rippling with delight,
Reflects the moon by night, the sun by day.

Through the valley, her banks begin to grow,
She now travels calm and slow without a care.
Peaceful river... A place where children play,
And homes are built to stay forever there.

Across the flat lands, the river now is wide,
Cities spring beside her steady strength.
She's the lifeline, to the people great and small,
Inviting one and all to sail her length.

And the river, though now peaceful she's not tame,
In a way she's still the same she used to be.
For at the bottom, that same current strongly goes,
And that river, she still flows, so wild and free.

by Robert V. Reinebach




Robert V. Reinebach resides in Victorville, California


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