Award Winner!
The Rainbow Logo
by Shelley Joy Tellez of Mesa, AZ

While you're busy chasing rainbows
that were never meant to be
And capturing the moments
that need to be set free,
When happiness alludes you
and the stars are growing dim
Remember there's a rainbow
that will always live within.

It is the rainbow of happiness,
of joy and one of peace.
It lives in every one of us
when other voices cease.
In the quietness of solitude
where no one else can see
Exists the rainbow of happiness
that was ever meant to be.

Its the hidden hint of contentedness
of acceptance in one's inner self.
It is the magic of the spirit
worth more than gold or wealth.
Look beyond the world and into your heart
in the quiet of the night...
The hidden rainbow of happiness
shines with beauty, grace and light.


Graphics and Design by Lindy T. Mailen