Angelwing's SMILES4U - I'm by Daniel Gorin
Poetry Winner

I'm giving, all of mine
The dream has to become true
I'm bleeding, my heart will die
I'm crying, it will die for you

I'm sitting, in front of the ocean shore
I'm waiting, you will soon appear
I'm hoping, you will give me more
I'm trying, to lose my fear

I'm singing, songs of peace
I'm laughing, to hide my tears
I'm in a cage, hoping to be released
I'm driving, using high gears

I'm getting, sick of this situation
I'm screaming, to be heard
I'm at the end, can't solve this equation
I'm improving, the lessons I've learned

I'm praying, to be with you soon
I'm lying, to my soul in pain
I'm mad, I'm becoming a fool
I'm running, to embrace you once again

I'm seeing, your trace
I'm looking, up to the sky
In my heart I have your face
I'm sorry, it's time to say goodbye

Daniel Gorin (Ghostwriter)
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