Poetry Winner

Destiny of Love

    In the beginning our choice was to betray
    closing our ears to what the light had to say
    tempted to know all, the perfection hastingly spent
    lifetimes passed questioning what had to be meant
    wandering in time through the evil of our deceit
    colliding with beings we have chosen to meet
    given the freedom to do what's wrong or what's right
    to hide in the darkness or walk in the light
    and if it's with the serpent that we do agree
    into society we send our tidal waves of misery
    shadowed by the ignorance of generations before
    continuing to open the infinitely small door
    confusion caused by secrets, vanity and greed
    crying to the master for his slaves to be freed
    but if it's with the truth that we take our side
    our destructive wave may soon change its tide
    for when we are open to the message from above
    together we shall journey to our
    destiny of love

    Susan Ardston
    © 1997