The Difference

Poetry Winner

I wanted you to know the difference
between the succulence of memory
and the infatuation of regret.
I wanted you to say out loud,
Not a promise or a prophesy,
but the truth.


Now I want you to repeat it,
because of the fragility of its value.
Time alters not the quickening of a pulse
or the ease of a smile.


Have me for now and say:
"When we are old, and know it still as 'today,'
marry me because we have had enough
of forgery and false adoration."
And I will believe you because
. . . Time alters not. . .
those thing which drown us entirely
rather than draw a tentative toe
to the mystery of the water's edge.


I wanted you to feel the difference
between love and in love,
because I don't have the strength
or the patience to show you.
So you will know the difference
between me
and her.

Nadia Di Paola


© 1997

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