poetry winner

crumpled papers of yesterday

a gentle touch, sweet as rose pedals dew
a softened breeze, on the ocean midnight blue
a winter storm, minds play summer dreams
a happier thought, perhaps tormented seems

a whisper lightly cried, lonely into the night
a molted dark raven, longs for freedoms flight
a sweet kind melody, into the stale air it drills
a fleeting of thoughts, lingers longingly to fill

a wandering curious mind, a smile softly plays
a gentle sprinkling laugh, as the teardrop sways
a twinkling of wiser eyes, so few left to share
a secret passion, life found yet seldom fair

a picture framed, of yesterdays seldom seen
a flower gently whilted, it's crystal cell left to clean
a written word, reaching to hearts closed door
a crumpled paper, tossed carelessly on the floor

- Bobbie Osborne
© 1998


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