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by Andrea Butler of St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

I dreamed I met an Angel and, I swear she had your smile,
I heard the magic of your laugh, so I stopped to talk a while.

As I sat and faced this Angel, and looked at those bluest eyes,
I knew just what was happening, much to my surprise.

I clearly heard the prayers, and slippers on hard-wood floor,
I heard the tinkling bracelet, and I yearned to hear some more.

And then, for the briefest moment I was under the apple tree,
And snuggled in your arms, I sat upon your knee.

I want to stay right here, in my dream, upon your knee,
I want to take this moment and store it deep in me.

I want to talk with God, and tell him this isn't fair,
I need to have you smile at me...and gently smooth my hair.

I want to be that little girl who felt special in your sight,
I want to follow after you but I know that isn't right.

And then you help me see it, I have them; all these dreams,
You have tucked them deep inside of me, in all of us it seems.

They're there inside of all of us so we'll never be left alone,
For this is far from over,

God just called an Angel home.

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