Poetry Contest Winner
Rainbow Line


Angels, souls

Another time, another place
Another form, a different face
How many forms a Soul must take
In searching for its long lost mate
Are you the one I long to hold?
Are you the one from days of old?
To ask is not to question why
For love eternal never dies
And many times I've crossed this way
In life's elusive cosmic play
Where hearts eternal merge as one
And glimpse the Soul of Life begun
Enraptured, yet but unfulfilled
The glimpse that leaves you sad but thrilled
To move your heart in waves of thunder
Obsessed by love, caught up in wonder
But only time can bring to fare
The fruits of action that we bear
When through the dance of cosmic dust
She reigns on us her love and trust
Bestows upon this Ancient Soul
The mate it held so long ago
To recognize the One unperished
Within the eyes - so deeply cherished
Whose eyes once wet with tears of pain
Now wet with joy as love remains
Surrender to each others' keeping
In union now, no longer seeking
Yet tears do come, mine eyes to fill
Within my heart I find you . . . . .still

--TJ Murach
Lakewood, Ohio


© 1997

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