Poetry Winner


We need love right away,
Every hour of everyday.

Needless to say, there is a lack,
Edged by the hate of every attack --
Emotional, mental, physical alike,
Damned with a laugh, a curse, a strike.
Love is in God, in you, in me;
Only if he, she, and they could see
Victory is not by means of hate --
Echoes of regret: "Too late, too late!"
Rights to living, supposedly guaranteed.
Ironically, animosity kills with great speed,
Gouges out trust, safety, and love.
Heaven only knows what we're thinking of.
Time has room for growth and progress.
Away with the roots of this tree of distress.
Wisdom exists for us to embrace.
Allegiance to love, sincerity, and grace
Yields smiles of confidence on everyone's face.

--Dana Nicole Morris
Dallas, Texas


© Copyright 1997

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