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©Andrew Miller of Wisconsin

we pass on thru the endless night
as snow falls down in satin slumber
and we walk along the narrow paths
just praying that we never stumble
and i sense you beyond the silver trees
walking a path just like my own
and the stars shine like eyes
staring down as we have grown...

and the moon in it's cloak of night
falls down in wintry tears
and lights the snow aglow
with splashes of our secret fears
and i hear your soundless screams
echoing thru a shroud of trees
but i cannot come to you,
only ponder those things i never see...

and the stars in their tapestry of light
form a canopy of eyes in the sky
peering down thru hazy clouds
into our souls to see thru hidden lies
and your tears slide down your cheeks
frozen and forgotten where they land
and i'd give anything to kiss them away
but when i reach out i cannot find your hand...

and the wind eternally sighs
murmuring me away from you
and sings a sweetly bitter song
of what we once held true
but i long to hold you in my arms
and rock you ever so gently
to see what lies behind your eyes
and hear the voice that's oh so heavenly...

but no matter how high we lift our torches
we cannot see the road ahead
i just wish you were here with me now
as onward i ever so lightly tread.....

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