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by Robyn Wright of Chiefland, Florida.

I'm running from a monster, who's terrible, awful, and mean.
So please help me to hide, from it I can't be seen.

It will rip my insides out, and turn my outsides in,
pull me all apart, and expose my every sin.

This monster wasn't always, as evil as on this day,
in fact it seemed so different, a distant yesterday.

It used to be accepted, it used to be my friend,
we used to frolic hand in hand, but then that dream did end.

It turned into a demon, a freak beyond control,
it stole the very heart of me, then captured my weary soul.

So I'm running from a monster, from which I cannot hide,
to ignore it seems so easy, but I fail before I try.

It can expose my every weakness, leave me embarrassed and alone,
it's jealous awful vengeful, with a heart as cold as stone.

It bathes inside my blood, on my eyelids it does sleep,
I see it every time I scream, it tastes each tear I weep.

I cannot understand it, it's appearance plagues my mind,
but with a closer look, just maybe I will find.

That I'm running from a monster, I'll never again be free,
this unaccepted creature, is really only..... me.


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