by Andrew Miller

                              in the times of darkest despair
                              as i lay upon a broken cross
                              with a shroud of seething thorns
                              of things i'd had and lost
   and a crown of bleeding roses
                              perched upon my weary head,
                              an angel appeared before me
                              and closed the wounds from which i bled...

love soon grew between us
as we shared what lay in our hearts
and it seemed that nothing could come between us,
nothing could tear us apart                                    
but as with all life's pleasures
it seemed to come and go so fast
the experience of a lifetime,
but never meant to last...                          


                                           but i thought back on a shared dream
                                           within the depths of a single night 
               when we dreamed a dream the same
                                           which felt so incredibly right
                                           and back to a vision i'd had of the future
                                           of a marriage in happy bliss,
                                                                        two beautiful children
                                                                        and you and i locked in an eternal kiss


                    but just as fate had thrown us 
                    so unyieldingly together
                    and seemed to whisper in the winds
                    of souls sharing forever,                         
                    it so slowly tore us apart
                    with things our eyes couldn't see
                    and left us standing there:
                    our old friend fear and you and me...


        so you turned away from me
                                    and swept me off to the side
                                    just some fading ashes
                                    of a love now denied.
                                    so now i put you to bed
                                    and i blow out the light
                                    and close this final chapter
                                    and drift off into the night...




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