A single shining star one night
Shining, shining oh so bright
A little wish I'll make for you -
To look upon seas of blue
For you to show your beaming light
On and on throughout my life

Who would have known something so small
Could fill this heart wall to wall
So deep with love and joy and pride
No empty spots left inside
No place left for your beams to flow
But out of me, see the glow

From then on your presence was known
And as you grew it was shown
To everyone, that you'd become
More than a secret - my son
My one and only son like you
To appear when you were due

God had in mind a different fate
He didn't want you to wait
As your twinkle left from my eyes
That's when you fell from the sky
A shooting star falls to the ground
Caught by God, you're safe and sound

So quick to come, so quick to go
The pain I feel, no one knows
Andie, your name rings in my ears
As my eyes fill up with tears
My little fallen star - I'm blue -
I wish of hope wished on you.

Leah L. McCormack
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